Update: Project now collected at

“Cancerscapes” is a series of recordings built around on audio I collected and/or produced while undergoing treatment for an aggressive case of thyroid cancer (and shortly before diagnosis). Eventually it will have its own proper home, but in the meantime, here are some samples.

cancerscape #4, “…and this is my voice” was included on the Deep Wireless 8 Compilation

“…and this is my voice” is a work of time-lapse phonography. I took recordings of my voice while on the way into external beam radiation treatments for my neck. I expected that it would work like time-lapse phonography and the result would reveal my voice decaying over a series of 30 treatments. Instead, it ebbs and flows. I’ve overlaid a narration track and processed some other sounds in the center channel. It’s arranged like a multichannel work, but for stereo.

I made cancerscape #5: “2” when I had only 2 treatments of external beam radiation left. I had been blogging about the experience daily. Then I ran out of words.