Jonathan’s sonic life

Bass was my first instrument (first upright, then electric). But now I play touch guitar, synthesizer, computer, and a bit of guitar and piano, and other random things I collect (theremin, mbira, etc). I’ve been in bands pretty much constantly since my teens, and I have always dabbled in other kinds of audio as well, from the mundane to the high concept.

As a listener, I like various kinds of rock (indy-rock, post-rock, post-metal); whatever the hell experimental music is; dub and its various permutations in more recent electronica (dubstep, minimal, dub techno, ambient, trip-hop, instrumental hip hop); jazz, funk and lots of other music. I like sonic art when it sounds cool or moves me. I’m always searching for new stuff to hear.

My current projects include:

Volte — an instrumental post rock band (how very Montreal)

Hard Red Spring — Canadiana. ┬áLike Americana, but further north.

Ex-Minnesotan — two piece heavy music, touch guitar, drums and vocals with Carrie Rentschler

Buddha Curtain, a solo electronic thing.

Cancerscapes, a documentary project that accompanies my cancer experience.

Have a look around. Older musical and creative projects are archived.

I also get to think, write and talk about sound for a living.